Why Buy Summer Chill?

Not all CBD is created equal.  Many low-quality products with misleading labels are flooding the largely unregulated market, especially online.  We appreciate how difficult it can be for consumers to determine which companies offer genuine, quality CBD like Summer Chill.

Quality. Purity. Potency.

Our high-quality hemp is organically grown in Tennessee on state certified farms and processed in a certified (cGMP and GFSI) Kentucky facility registered with the FDA. The hemp is tested before and after harvest for purity. Our finished products, manufactured in a cGMP compliant facility, are third-party independent lab tested for potency.

Whole Plant Extract

Some scientists believe that when phytocannabinoids and terpenes are combined the benefits are greater than using any single compound in isolation.  Summer Chill uses Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum CBD extract to take advantage of this “Entourage Effect.” 

Choice of Delivery Format

Tinctures (Full Spectrum / < 0.3% THC)
 600 mg Focus
1200 mg Relax
1800 mg Sleep
Topicals (Full Spectrum / <0.3% THC)
150 mg Muscle Rub
300 mg Muscle Rub
750 mg Muscle Rub…coming soon!
60 mg Lip Balm
Edibles (Broad Spectrum / THC-Free)
15 mg Gummies
25 mg Gummies
Capsules (Broad Spectrum / THC-Free)
25 mg with/without Melatonin
Pet Wellness (Broad Spectrum / THC-Free)
100 mg Feline Tincture
250 mg Canine Tinctures
2 mg Canine Chews
Summer Chill Positive Vibes Bath and Beauty Coming Soon!
Body Creme
Hand Creme
Exfoliating Scrub
Body Spray
Body Wash
Soothing Roll-On