Dosage Guidelines

  • The “right” amount of CBD is different for everyone.
  • Because everyone processes CBD differently, your optimum dose can vary based on factors including age, weight, diet and the form of CBD you choose (tinctures, edibles, capsules).
  • It’s best to start with a low dose and increase slowly until you find your optimum dosage. More is not always better.
  • Be consistent.
  • When in doubt, talk to your doctor about how CBD interacts with your current medications, vitamins, etc.





How to Dose with Summer Chill

  • Use the chart above to help determine the amount of CBD you want to dose.
  • Select your desired delivery format (Tinctures, Gummies, Capsules).
  • Use the chart below to find your desired dose.
  • Start low, go slow. 




Pet Wellness Products

  • Add oil to food or treats.
  • Start with 3-4 DROPS and increase gradually based on animal weight.
  • Always check with your veterinarian before using any supplements.